32" Arcade Cabinet -Classic 2-Player Control Panel

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This beautiful FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet was carefully designed, and made in the USA, to replicate the authentic feel of original upright arcade machines. Our FUNTIME Arcade Cabinets are designed to play just like you remember at the Arcades. Our Arcades Cabinets are based on classic machines like: Ms Pac-man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Street Fighter, Golden Tee Golf, etc... in fact 4500+ games in this one of a kind ALL-IN-ONE system!
32" Edition always comes with our classic control panel and a fully functional authentic coin door. Our FUNTIME cabinet features beautiful durable laser-printed laminated artwork as depicted on the pictures, a backlit marquee, and commercial grade controllers that faithfully simulate the authentic feel of original Arcade machines. You can select from over 50 artwork & 20 controller overlay choices or even send in your own artwork if you select the custom artwork option.
We only use the best, authentic arcade quality joysticks & buttons to faithfully replicate the sensation of playing the original arcade games all over again, this time without having to spend a fortune in coins. Great FUN and a center piece sure to impress your friends and family!

Software & Games
Each FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet comes pre-loaded with the complete MAME ROMs Collection which includes original ROMs from over 4500 Arcade Games, seamlessly running the Emulator in the background via a seamless HYPERSPIN front-end game selection interface.

Plug & Play
Our arcade cabinets are 100% pre-built, all you have to do is slide them into place, plug them in & start playing. While old arcades were typically built with spray paint & particle board, our arcade cabinet uses Medium Density Fiberboard over melamine, which is more water resistant and also two and a half times stronger.

Made in the USA
Our Arcade Cabinets are completely made and assembled in the USA and come with a 1 Year Warranty & LIFETIME Warranty on the Joysticks, Buttons & Trackball

Dimensions & Weight: 36.5" W x 30" D x 69.5" H / Weight: 300 lbs
1) 32" FUNTIME Arcade Cabinet w/ Coin Door
2) Heavy Duty Arcade Controller: (2) Joysticks, (1) Trackball, (20) Buttons
3) Backlit Marquee with integrated Artwork Panel of your choice
4) Large 32" High Definition brand name HD TV (allows you to also connect an XBOX or Sony PlayStation)
5) Desktop PC running Windows with a 1TB (or larger) Hard Drive
6) Pre-installed MAME Emulator Software
7) Pre-installed HYPERSPIN front-end Game Selection Interface
8) 1 Year Warranty (LIFETIME Warranty on the controllers)

Optional Upgrade Kits
(found in our Optional Add-Ons Section)
- Light Gun Kit (Single or Dual)
- Spinner Knob Kit (enables playing games like Arkanoid, Tempest, etc...)
- Mini Racing Wheel for the Spinner Knob Kit
- Glass Monitor Shield
- Commercial Bar Stools
- and more... (see our optional upgrades section on our main website and call us)

Call us at +1 (614) 208 7780

Return Policy:
Due to the fact that many of our cabinets are customized, we can only offer exchanges on items that were damaged during shipping for EQUAL REPLACEMENT ONLY. NO REFUNDS!

List Price:$3,395.00
Your Price:$2,895.00 (You save $500.00)
Weight:300.000 lbs